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Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd. - Building Excellence since 1999 - Victoria, BC

Max Huxley

About Max

Exceeding Standards of Excellence as Victoria’s Trusted Contractor

Born in North Vancouver, Max grew up on Gabriola Island. The son of a millworker and a producer of wooden gift items, it’s no surprise that Max loves building creative designs. “I first wanted to be an architect,” says Max, “but working for renovation companies after high school, I found I enjoyed the hands-on part more.””

In 1998, while working for one of Victoria, BC’s construction companies, Max realized he could do the same work to better standards—and raise the bar by offering excellent customer service, too. He launched Maximilian Huxley Building and Renovations the following year—at the age of 23—and he hasn’t looked back since. Now a high-end Victoria contractor and custom home builder in his own right, Max’s mission is to set, and strive to exceed, a standard of excellence.