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Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd. - Building Excellence since 1999 - Victoria, BC



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Rockland | Townhouse Renovation

"...I chose Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd. as I found Max to be very knowledgeable, professional and resourceful. He is an exceptionally good listener, has a critical and keen eye for details, and fosters and promotes the importance of a client’s personal style and individuality. A comprehensive detailed budget regarding costs, scheduling, timing and projected expectations was prepared. The project started on time and was well organized, methodically coordinated, and skillfully managed by the site supervisor. The crew and sub-trades were courteous, helpful and congenial. They were mindful of the townhouse complex and the neighbours—no disruptions or inconveniences here...”

Ruth Kirby, Homeowner

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Oliver Oaks | Home Renovation

"...Max and his entire team showed a definite commitment to quality in every aspect of the renovation. We were very impressed with the trades, who were direct sub-contractors of Max—guys who he had worked very closely with for a number of years. We were pleased to see that our home was given such a high level of attention and hands-on service, achievable due to the fact that Max only manages a few projects at a time, so we knew he wasn’t spreading himself too thin. The result was meticulous attention to detail while completing our renovation to the highest standard of excellence....”

Linda and Dale Alleyne, Homeowners

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Saanich | Home Renovation

"...With our exceptionally high standards and attention to detail, I’ll readily admit we’re tough to satisfy. But my husband and I are now living in our new home and it is exactly what we wanted and exactly what Max and his team promised to deliver, all while completing the renovation two weeks early, and on budget. The quality workmanship, the people, and the experience are what impressed us and made us very grateful...”

Bonita and Bryan Elliot, Homeowners

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Heritage Charm | Character Renovation

"...He came by right away and we liked him instantly because he was smart, practical and extremely knowledgeable ... He proposed a very comprehensive and efficient renovation plan—taking care of carpentry, masonry, drywalling, electrical systems, roofing, exterior stuccoing, interior and exterior painting, and gas installation—all for a reasonable budget. We signed him up on the spot...”

Charlotte Waddell, Homeowner

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Uplands Slope | Character Renovation

"...After seeing Max’s work around Victoria for several years, it was evident he had a lot of experience working on older, heritage homes like ours. This was important to us. His experience gave him the ability to anticipate potential issues as he understood the construction of older homes. Working together with Victoria designer, Jenny Martin, Max was able to incorporate new design features into the existing structure...”


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Vineyard | New Home Construction

"...Max Huxley is different. He's one of the very few builders I've found who can build a good home on a fixed price contract. In fact he recently finished a project for one of my clients, did it on a fixed price contract, and lived up to every single thing he promised. And it wasn't an easy project. He had a demanding architect to satisfy and a demanding client who had not only built before but was also good at watching every dollar...”

John Graham, Architect | Virgin Ground

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Cadboro Bay | Home Renovation

"We owned our own construction company for years before retiring. When we wanted to renovate our home we knew what we were looking for in a builder. We asked three builders to quote on the job. Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd. was the only one who gave us a detailed itemized quote and a fixed price contract. Others were cheaper but couldn't tell us what the price included. With Maximilian Huxley Construction we knew exactly where we were going and what it cost from the start right through to the finish! This was very important to us. The only surprise was how great the reporting was. We even received credit for what we didn't use. Any issues were discussed and followed up on right away. The staff and trades people were all courteous and great to have around. We are very happy with the work that was done and would do it all again without hesitation. It was a very enjoyable experience.”

Tina and Lyle Hayden