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With grace and care, this heritage home was given a modern upgrade, while maintaining its original character and charm and the passion that it had seen from it's loving owners.


After more than 15 years of enjoying our lovely 1920’s home, we began to feel the need to update and create a space that fits the lifestyle our family is living today. We knew what we wanted but were afraid to make drastic changes for fear of losing the charm and elegance of our beloved heritage home. 


I was not open to the modern look and treasured the traditional, old world personality of our home so found it quite stressful and challenging to envision a new design. We also knew that older homes present many unique challenges when bringing them up to modern standards. 


After seeing Max’s work around Victoria for several years, it was evident he had a lot of experience working on older, heritage homes like ours. This was important to us. His experience gave him the ability to anticipate potential issues as he understood the construction of older homes. Working together with Victoria designer, Jenny Martin, Max was able to incorporate new design features into the existing structure.

2012 Gold Care Award Winner

Best Interior

2012 Gold Care Award Winner

Best Bathroom

2012 Silver Care Award Winner

Best Residential Renovation or Restoration

Best Kitchen

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